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California, US 38 2014 It's an understatement to say that I regret my decision.
Rhode Island, US 23 2013 It has helped me more than anyone knows to read these stories and know I am not alone in how I feel.
British Columbia, CA 23 2013 ... it was too late for the abortion in my country. I had to go over the border and get it done for over $3000...
New York, US 23 2013 I had to get the courage deep down inside to even make a choice.
Wisconsin, US 25 2013 He immediately told me to get an abortion.
Wisconsin, US 25 2013 But I know now that I should've listened to what I wanted and not what others were telling me.
North Carolina, US 23 2013 It been hard seeing my friends get pregnant and to know what brought fear and sadness to me, brings joy to them.
British Columbia, CA 16 2013 since the father is so shallow he refused to help he said that im a liar and to f**k off
California, US 19 2013 I'm 19 years old, and had my second abortion about a week ago.
New York, US 22 2013 This thing inside me was more like a monster then a blessing.
Florida, US 19 2013 It took him 20 minutes to come get me. He was stoned.
United Kingdom 27 2013 I was a Christian and did not believe in abortion.
Pennsylvania, US 26 2013 Since I was so early, I was able to have the medical (pill) abortion.
New Jersey, US 32 2013 I passed my pregnancy alone in my childhood bedroom--
Michigan, US 46 2013 The cramps were unbearable, and I had promised myself that I would never go through this again.
Oklahoma, US 21 2013 I got an abortion because in a weird way I wanted a better life for my child and my husband.
Texas, US 24 2013 The second set of pills were even worse. I felt like death and stayed in bed for days.
Alberta, CA 32 2013 The process was in no way traumatic. It was in all honestly similar to the discomfort of getting a pap.
Ontario, CA 22 2013 My boyfriend and I do not talk about it. I have not told my parents or even my sisters...
Mississippi, US 21 2013 I am SO GLAD I didn't have a baby with my boyfriend at the time (he turned out to be a total loser anyway).
North Dakota, US 30 2013 I had to go back to the clinic, but I went to a different town because I felt embarrassed that it happened again...
Saskatchewan, CA 20 2013 I have two sons. I'm twenty years young and I've been very happy up until yesterday.
Queensland, AU 18 2013 I walked out to find my bf standing right where I left him three hours ago.
California, US 39 2013 I love pregnancy, I love birth, I love babies, I love being a mama. But I was done.
Texas, US 21 2013 Sometimes I feel like I made the right decision for my future, other times I feel guilty...