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When I had my first one I was 18 and had no idea who the father was. The boy I was in love with left me at a party, and when I woke up I was naked in the man who owned the trailer's bed and had no idea how I had gotten there. The sad thing was the minute I woke up that morning I started reaching for Curtis. The 40 year old man was beside me and told me he had left last night with his wife. I was so hurt but I remember being too weak to cry and that nasty old man touching me, still, and I could not move to push him off.

My mom had the procedure done for me. She was there with me the whole time. I couldn't have a child and didn't know who the dad was. My mom and I agreed on that.

Now, I'm 26 and leaving the worst relationship I ever had in my life. This man gave me Chlamydia twice and now I have some type of Beta bacteria infection I never heard of. He verbally and sometimes physically abused me. I hated this man. I never wanted to have a child with him. I'm not having this done because I hate life or I hate my child, and I get so tired of people judging the women that have to make this decision.

I have a daughter now from a great father. He takes time with her and loves her and me even though we aren't together anymore. What would I tell this child? Your dad is just not like your sister's? NO. People have no clue that this is not a selfish choice and true indeed it's not the only choice but it's a personal one. You have no idea what someone's story is. Raising and taking care of a child is something you have to be prepared for or the child's life is already ruined and yours is too.

I will not allow the man that ruined my life and almost my daughter's to ruin another innocent child's life. He has a daughter that he doesn't even take care of now. I'm doing this to move on. To move forward. This will be abortion number two, but guess what? I'm grown. I'll live with it. I'm going to be hurt just as I was with the first one, but this time I won't let the same thing happen to me again.