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I was seventeen years old and had a boyfriend whom I dated for three years. He was my first love. The summer of my junior year of high school I knew something was up, but I never bothered taking a pregnancy test because I was on birth control and never thought I could be pregnant. By the end of summer, I didn't get my period for over three months. I began to think I was definitely pregnant. My boyfriend and I were on a break because I was still in high school and he moved to St. Cloud to play hockey.

It wasn't until the middle of September when I worked up the nerve to actually take a test. I bought it at Walgreens and waited until I got home to find it completely positive. I was in shock and had not a clue what to do, considering I haven't talked the father in over a month. I called Planned Parenthood and scheduled a consultation, before informing my ex. In the past we had discussed what we would do if this were to happen, and an abortion was our decision.

After calling the clinic, I told my ex. He was so scared, but very comforting and reassuring. He came with my to my first appointment at the clinic and along with me to court so my parents would not find out. It wasn't until the day of my procedure when I found out after my ultrasound that I was in my second trimester and could not have the operation done there. I cried the entire way home. But there was another option, and this place could operate on pregnancies up to 21 weeks. I was 20 weeks and two days pregnant the day of my abortion.

I'll never forget the smell, sound and look of the clinic. So many women and teenagers were there. I felt terrible, embarrassed and ashamed of myself. My once-again boyfriend held my hand in the waiting room, until my name was called.

After, I sat in the recovery room, talking to two ladies who were anything but remorseful. It was not the first time they did this, and to me it was certainly my last. The cost of the abortion in total was $1,695. It seems so much, but the amount of pain and anguish I bought, is much greater than the cost. I'm forever sorry for the decision I made, but I know when the timing is right for me to be a mom... I will be the best mom I can be.