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Having an abortion was something I never thought I would have. Being young and in a relationship with a older man explains it all. I learned that I was pregnant when I was eleven weeks. At that time I was very confused and had mixed emotions running through my head. I wanted to tell someone but didn't know what to do. I called my boyfriend and let him know that I was pregnant and got the cold shoulder.

I thought that I was okay being pregnant. Then reality set in. I starting thinking that I can't take care of a baby by myself. At that point I started trying to get an abortion, but every time I went somewhere I was told I was further than I was and that they couldn't see me. Then I started thinking maybe I shouldn't have an abortion, maybe this baby is meant for me to have. I had been to three different appointments and still nothing. I thought maybe it won't be a bad idea to keep my baby. By then I was 20 weeks-- time was running out.

I finally was able to go out of state. That night before my procedure I cried and prayed because I was scared and didn't know why I was doing what I was doing. I was 24 weeks. I knew that it was too late because I had my shot already and I was dilated. I cried all night because I was in pain. The next morning I woke up at about 5am in the worst pain in my life. It was very painful and I couldn't take any medicine. I was being a baby (LOL).

I went to my appointment that morning and was sitting with other young females. I went down for my procedure and tears started rolling down my face. It was too late to change my mind. I don't remember what happened after that. Just remember waking up in pain. The healing process was very painful for me. I was sore for about three weeks.