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I was in love. I met him through mutual friends. I found out in the end that he's nothing but a liar. He was getting divorced, or so he made me believe. He has two kids with his wife. We were the best of friends...or so I thought. He had gone back to her, but came back telling me that he missed me very much and wanted to be with me.

We were together once that year... I got pregnant. When I found out, I cried and smiled at the same time. I was so happy, but wondered what he was going to say.

He told me there was no way I could keep it and I better not tell anyone. His demeanor changed. He told me I would be responsible for screwing up his life and that he would kill himself if I had the baby. He told me due to the medications he took that the baby would be messed up. I begged him to let me keep the baby and he could go back [to his wife] if that's what he wanted. He knew just how to manipulate me, due to how much I genuinely loved him compared to his highly dysfunctional marriage and abusive wife.

I made an appointment for a D&C at my doctor's office on one of the last days the doctor would do it. During those two weeks, I thought and prayed that he would change his mind... he just knew how to manipulate me, lie, and make me feel guilty. I loved being pregnant with his child. I went to the doctor crying, and I cried the whole time until the meds knocked me out. That afternoon, I had medical complications.

No one knew but two people. Last year our relationship ended against my desire and he took off back to his marriage that only began because she got pregnant! According to him, his marriage was going to be great now (after 15 years of dysfunction!) In the process, he used me as his scapegoat, lied to me, lied about me, and connected me with a previous affair he had before I even knew him.

How can people be so cruel? I'm a good person, never been in trouble in my life... just guilty of falling in love with a liar. There's so much anger, yet so much love for him. I just wish I had my baby, regardless, and hadn't been coerced into something I never wanted to do.