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I had recently moved back home to pay for college and wanted to actually finish my junior year. I had been in a two month relationship which wasn't really serious. It was more infatuation than anything else. I was disrespected and had dated way below my standards.

After going on vacation with him for a week, he broke up with me. A week after, my period was two days late. I wasn't overly concerned, but thought I'd purchase a home pregnancy test for a little peace of mind. Well, it wasn�t good news: it was positive and the four other home tests I took had the dreaded two positive lines too.

I was in complete shock; I didn't know how to react. I debated with my friend whether I should tell him or not. I thought he should know, since it's his half of the DNA and chromosomes too; I know I would like to know if I was in his situation. His reaction was far worse than I thought it would be. He argued that if I kept it, the child would not have a good life because of the fact that we could not be together. After consulting with his former ex- and reconciling with her, he began to accuse me of making this up to get back together.

I was furious. I wanted him out of my life, and I wanted to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible. The pressure I got from him made me expedite the process, and I called Planned Parenthood to schedule the procedure. I ended up canceling this appointment, along with another one. School started and I was trying to sort out my feelings while attending class and work, appearing like nothing is wrong. I finally scheduled the procedure at another local clinic and this time I actually went. I wasn't nervous at all, and the doubts I had before were temporarily gone.

The next few days I skipped class because I felt sick. The cramps came and went but the spotting progressed to consistent bleeding. By the third day, the bleeding increased. I called a hospital and was advised to go to the Emergency Room right away. It was diagnosed that I had massive clots in the uterus. I was given Methergine for the next 24 hours which helped "clean out" the remaining blood clots in the uterus. The cramps and bleeding decreased over the next several days.

After my mother found out that I visited the emergency room, she began to have her suspicions, being that she's a nurse-- she speculated a miscarriage. I confessed that I had an induced abortion. She was real supportive at first but our relationship has been quite turbulent ever since. The fact that I was quite secretive to her makes me regret not telling her before going through with the surgery.

I am still pro-choice but believe I made a decision based more on pressure and anger than anything else.