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I was 12 weeks pregnant and got an abortion, and I'm having mixed emotions. I used to feel relieved but now, whenever I see a baby, I get sad and wish I kept it, but I knew it was best for me and the father to get an abortion because he couldn't handle the fact he was going to have a kid.

I didn't do this for him, but I changed my mind about 12 times before I made my final choice. I regret it terribly, but I'm 16 and need to pay for car insurance, not diapers. I miss my baby, and I had names picked out. I wanted the baby to be named Cody if it was a girl or guy because that was my first love.

I just wanna say you're not alone. I know the pain you girls feel, and if I was older and mature I would have kept my baby. I still believe that this will alway be my first child even though I didn't give birth, but I always have my ultra sound, and when I look at him/her I start to cry, but I know my baby is in a happy place and one day I'll meet him/her. It may not be any time soon, but I just want the baby to know I love how you felt and even though I hated the morning sickness, it was worth it and I'll never forget you or how I felt. No child I have after this can ever replace you.

You were the best experience I could have ever gone through <\3.. I miss/love you....thank you for reading my story.