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I found out very soon that the emergency contraception (Plan B) had not worked... took it too long after sex, I guess. Even the Planned Parenthood people were surprised! I have two kids already and was going through a horrible divorce. Got pregnant from an old ex, should have used condoms, but we decided to go with Plan B after both being tested for STDs first. Anyway, I was within the six week zone so took the oral abortion option... a few pills and a day off work with a ton of Advil in me. The cramps were really not too bad although a lot of substance was passed. It felt right to take the day off, not only because of trips to the toilet, but also because I got to mourn the missed opportunity while the abortion was happening. I have no regrets; having the baby was not possible-- most of all it would have made the life of my two existing children way too complicated. But I do remember and wonder.