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 I had my abortion when I was 16 years old.  At that time, I had been with my high school sweetheart for over a year and we had always used protection. After a crazy day that I'll never forget we made one mistake and both of us realized what could be ahead of us.  When my period was late, we bought a test and took it together.  It was positive, and neither of us saw any other option except an abortion.

 Both of our families were very conservative, Catholic, and we felt that we couldn't tell them.  I kept my pregnancy a secret from everyone and the only person that knew was my boyfriend.  We learned that my parents and his family would be on vacation at the same time that summer.  We scheduled the procedure and knew that someone else would have to take me. I think that was when I started to feel really nervous.

 The actual day became even worse.  When I got into the clinic and had my sonogram, the nurse said that I might have to have the 2-day procedure since it said I was 12 weeks.  I began crying and begged to talk to the doctor.  I ended up being there for 12 hours that day.  My boyfriend's family came home that night, I remember he rode his bike over to my house after midnight and he held me.  

 The next day I had to return to visiting my family, without letting them know anything.  I lied and told them I helped my friend move into their college apartment.  I remember the exact moment the medication wore off, while I was trying to climb into my uncle's huge truck.  When I shouted out in paid, I lied and said I was having a really bad period.  I cried myself to sleep that night, even with my family, I felt completely alone. 

 My boyfriend and I were together for four more years.  I'm married now to a different man but we have not started a family.  I think it hurts even more that my ex-boyfriend ended up getting my friend pregnant only months after we broke up.  They have two beautiful boys, and I have nothing.  I think about my decision every day and at first I knew that it was a right decision, I was able to go to school and achieve my career.  But every day I also think that I could have handled it, and regret sets in.  Only five people in this world know that I had an abortion and I've never told my parents or family.  After ten years, it's still in my mind every day.