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My boyfriend and I do not talk about it. I have not told my parents or even my sisters, though one of them has undergone an abortion as well. I know I had a lot easier than her-- between finding out I was pregnant and the abortion procedure, only six days went by. I did not even have a week of waiting. I was terribly ill, and I was only six weeks into the pregnancy, so I knew I would not be able to hide it or deal with everything else going on in my life if I were to remain pregnant. It was not really an option, given my future plans and my age and...everything. I love babies. I want to have a TON of children. But not right now. I tried to be so strong during the procedure-- my doctors even noted that my heart-rate was below average (I was trying to be zen and concentrating on the book I had been reading in the waiting room). About a month after the procedure, I cheated on my boyfriend with a tourist visiting Canada from Denmark. I probably won't ever see him again. But he was 100 times more understanding than my boyfriend had ever been. It was strange opening up to a stranger and receiving such support while being unable to talk about it at all with close friends. As the weeks pass, I think I am more able to form words that actually reflect my feelings about the experience rather than what I think I should feel (ie strong, self-confident, independent). I am scared still. I am scared I am a different person than beforehand. But, the more I write, the more I realize that this can and will make me stronger. With time that I give myself to cope.