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My husband and I struggled with fertility for years. We finally decided to give IVF (in vitro fertilization) a try and were so blessed to get our twins on the first try. Although we have frozen embryos we never felt the urge for more children. Just recently we decided that our family was complete and had begun to contemplate what we would do with the frozen embryos. Imagine my shock when a few days later I discovered I was pregnant. I started to cry and and tell my husband I didn't want any more children. Finances are really tight and we are barely meeting the financial needs of our twins. All of my friends told me it was "meant to be." I felt awful, trapped and deep inside so ungrateful for the precious gift inside of me. It didn't feel meant to be, it felt wrong. I was hysterical and ashamed of feeling this way. After a week of going back and forth, my husband and I decided to terminate the pregnancy. My friends were bewildered and angry. Although I knew it was going to be extremely difficult, I knew I couldn't have a child because my friends wanted me to. I cried and cried leading up to the day I would have the abortion. I knew that keeping the baby would mean much financial and emotional stress and the impact on the kids I have would be tremendous. I felt the child would be born simply to alleviate my guilt and a child should not be born with a job. I am sharing my story because one of the stories on this site had a tremendous effect on me and made me feel so much less of a monster. I will finish the process of my medical abortion tomorrow. Although I have a heavy heart, I know it's the right decision for me and my family.