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I am a very spiritual person and have always prayed for my future children since I was 13. But getting pregnant at 20 was not what I wanted. I chose with my boyfriend to have an abortion. You see the hard thing thing is, he is the love of my life. He is not a loser or ever will be. He did not rape me. We conceived the pregnancy after he had been gone for 6 months in military training. In fact, he is going to be the best father in the whole world. I think the worst part for me was knowing that this is the man I want to father my children but I couldn't have this baby. I spent my whole life in the lower middle class, watching my parents struggle everyday to get a meal on the table. I wasn't about to go back there. I guess I hope that my story comforts someone out there. My now fiancé and I are working through so many emotions that this decision has left us. I am just working hard right now so some day I can have a job and a house and not be strangled by financial adversity so that I can hold that precious baby in my arms. I didn't get an abortion because my partner was a loser or because I was raped. I got an abortion because in a weird way I wanted a better life for my child and my husband.