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So, exactly two years from tomorrow, I had an abortion at the age of 15. I was with my boyfriend for a little over a year at the moment, and I missed my period for two months but my period was irregular to begin with.

In the beginning of August 2009, I took a pregnancy test because we were fighting, and I wanted to prove to him I wasn't pregnant. So, not expecting that I could be, I took it, and it came out positive. My first reaction was to cry, and I did, bursting into tears, not knowing what I was going I do or why I put myself in that kind of situation. I called him up, and we met at his house. We were scared.

Eventually I went to a clinic to double check, and the same results appeared. I didn't know what to do. Keeping a baby at 15 is no joke, and I knew that. My boyfriend was a complete loser. He had no education whatsoever or a job. All he did was smoke, and I knew I couldn't provide my baby with the family it should have or spoil it the way I was spoiled. I felt an abortion was the right choice because I didn't want my child to have to go through pain or suffer knowing I can't provide for it, or having to face the fact it's parents had no future being together. I grew up with both parents by my side but my dad was an alcoholic. My boyfriend at the time was into smoking pot everyday and drinking; I didn't want my child to have a father like that.

I got my abortion on August 11 2009. Still, 'til this day, here and there I cry. I feel guilty for not giving my child an opportunity to live in the world. But then I try to remind myself it was for the best interest. My ex boyfriend still has no education or job. He's into heavier drugs, still drinks & is doing exactly the same thing he was doing two years ago. If I would've had his child, we would've suffered. He's very disrespectful and nothing I would've wanted for my child to look up to as its father. I'm still hurt by the abortion, and I wish I would've just used protection instead of going through that at such a young age and living with the fact I had one.