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To whom it concerns (feel free to share) :

(From first event thru the procedure I drove over 624.8 miles seeking a service provider that respected MY choices... these providers are well aware of my various pre-existing conditions and used them as criteria to DENY me services in lieu of providing any)

12/5/2011- Rite Aid - Corning, Ca.- Refused to dispense the advertised/stocked E.C. I requested stating "Medi-Cal doesn't cover it" and directed me to the nearest crisis clinic in Red Bluff, Ca. (*my insurance was never run or verified to determine what I was/was not covered for & I have obtained EC under this same coverage in 2007 (or 2008?). Referring me to another provider did not make sense... as I would still be paying with the same insurance that I was told "does not cover it"? **as I now understand it... my insurance DID cover it under the PACT program even at the pharmacy though I had full medi-cal with no share of cost also.)

3/5 or 3/6 /2012- Fairchild Women's Clinic - Yreka, Ca. {*listed as a PACT provider & provider of E.C.} - I walked into the clinic and explained that I was pregnant and needed reproductive services. I was being entered into the computer as a 'new patient' when I was asked "if I wanted to sched. my first pre-natal appt.?". I quickly stated "No... I do not intend to continue the pregnancy. I want to obtain RU-486 from the local Rite Aid but I need a prescription to acquire it". I was immediately told "Sorry, we can't help you...". The clinician stated that she called the other local walk-in clinic for me and they would not help me either.

3/7/2012- Planned Parenthood - Ashland, Or. - does not accept Calif. Medi-Cal." I was told that I would have to 'wait a week' and return for the ultra-sound and RU-486 the following week. If at that time, the ultra-sound showed I was 'too far along' for the RU-486; I would have to pay $110.00 for the ultra-sound and return, again a week later, for the surgical procedure. At a cost of $520.00 out of pocket. (+ the $110.00 sonar penalty fee.)

3/14/2012- CAWHS - Redding, Ca., - I was able to obtain an appointment at this clinic after driving over 200+ miles away. I drove myself there alone, and home again 20 minutes after the procedure.

3/15/2012- Rite Aid - Yreka, Ca., - the CAWHS phoned my discharge medications into the Yreka, Ca. pharmacy. Though, that was still over 30+ miles away from me and after the previous days travel and surgery, I had no means to pick it up. So, I elected to ask my Father to collect them on his way home from work (*he had no clue what they were or why ... and had no interest either! We don't discuss these things in my family). When he returned home... he immediately asked me "why did the RPH ask me if you just had a baby?!?" My Father responded to the RPH "No, she better not have....?" The RPH then stated "her Dr. would not prescribe this if she hadn't...". *Needless to say, the blood that drained from my face.. the minute my father told me what the RPH discussed with him... said it all!

9/28/2012- Fairchild E.R. - Yreka, Ca., - I was again, attempting to obtain E.C. and after the earlier refusals from the 'typical service providers' I elected to go to the E.R. I explained in detail why I was there. I was admitted, questioned and re-questioned, by three different nurses, who each took my BP, *with a new disposable cuff ea. time. I was asked for a detailed sexual and reproductive health history. I was assured that "I would not be turned away..." and after waiting over 4 hours, the Dr. finally came in and, again questioned me about why I was there... then, refused to dispense the E.C. or B.C. of any kind and proceeded to scold me for "an improper use of the E.R."

I am tired of substandard care and being completely disregarded as a human being, in general.