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I had my abortion yesterday January 18th, 2007. My story is different from many I have read here-- I guess I was just irresponsible. I have always been on birth control, since I was 16 years old and lately, I just got lazy about taking it. A traumatic event happened recently in my life, and I just put birth control on "the back burner."

I am a twenty something with a college degree and a decent job. I battled with the decision and feel guilty about it because I could technically afford a child and I could mold my life around a child, but I just don't feel as though I have accomplished all of my goals and dreams.

To make matters worse, I was dating two guys around the same time, one of which I have known and been on and off again for about eight years. I knew I had to get the abortion because I was not sure who was the father. After recieving the ultrasound and figuring out the timeline, I knew who the father was. I could not picture being trapped down and have a baby with this guy, at least not right now.

I saw the picture of the ultrasound. Since I was only six weeks and six days, it really was hard to see. The procedure went well and I did not recieve any IV sedation. I did not tell the father of the baby about this, and perhaps I should have. I did not want him to get in my way, and I was not sure if it was his.

I hope in time this feeling of emptiness and guilt goes away.