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It was about five days after my period, and I wasn’t sure what was up. I was over at one of my friend’s house; we went out for lunch at Calvers. We were talking about how I might be pregnant. I was in shock... I was thinking if I am what am I going to do with the baby? What am I going to tell my parents? What are my friends going to think?

Soon after finishing my lunch I decide that since I’m out with a friend, and she will be there for support, I should maybe take a pregnancy test. We were in a local grocery story looking at pregnancy tests. I was thinking is this really happening to me? We went into the bathroom at the grocery store because she didn’t want her parents finding this test. Soon after I took the test, I read the meaning of the lines on the box.

Seven minutes and two lines later my face was in tears. I was scared; my friend was scared, all the possibilities were running through my head. What will my boyfriend want to do? What will my parents expect me to do? Trying to wipe the tears from my face and walk out of the store was hard. On the way back to my friend’s house it was completely silent. We got to her house went in her room and once again I couldn’t keep myself from crying. Soon after we began to talk, then it faded into silence again. I woke up with her dog licking my face, yelling “Shit, my mom’s going to be here in five minutes.” Soon after I got my stuff together gave my friend a big hug and was out the door.

My mom figured there was something up. I was grumpy the next few days. The Friday following that Wednesday was when I told my mom the truth. She was just about to leave for work and she asked are you sure you are all right. Once again I burst into tears, giving me a big hug she said,” what’s wrong, what’s wrong?” I told her I was pregnant, and to my surprise she was calm about it. The next thing that came to thought was telling my dad. As the day went on my mom went to work and came home two hours later. We decided maybe I should go to the doctor to make sure this was correct.

Sitting in the waiting room seemed like it took days. Then she called my name, this was time to see if this was true. The nurse directed me to the bathroom where I peed into a cup. Now it was time to wait. About fifteen minutes later the nurse called my name again. My mom and I went into this big room with a desk and two chairs. The nurse said, “I have some not so good news.” I knew what it was after that. But I had no clue that I was almost six and a half weeks along. I was devastated. After we were done at the doctors I decided to call my boyfriend. I told him the whole story. He was scared yet supportive.

As the days went on I knew that I had some hard decisions to make. By the time I finally made up my mind my mom thought it would be a good time to tell my dad. My cousin had a graduation party the next day, my mom decided that would be the best time. He didn’t totally freak out like I thought he was going to but he was disappointed. He thinks he failed as my father. Yes, I felt bad for what happened but something need to be done about this. That night I lay in my bed thinking I have to keep this baby. My parents didn’t have time to raise a baby, but there was no way I was getting an abortion. But, as the days passed we decided that it would be best. I was only going to be a freshman in high school.

The day I got this procedure done was the scariest day of my life, the most emotion-filled and painful. I have been seeing a counselor to keep me on track and help me be me again.