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Hi, I've just had my abortion and think I need to share to start the healing process. I'm not trying to scare anyone, just need to share MY experience. I was 8.5 weeks. I had a surgical yesterday. I assumed I would do it, no problem-- I knew what I wanted and ultimately I believe that for my life and the daughter I already have that it was right. I am, however, experiencing sadness.

I was fine up until I went in the room. I had no support or sedation. Seeing the tools and some of the tubes really freaked me out. It was not bad at first, but the suction was very painful and felt like intense contractions. After leaving the clinic, I cried the whole way home wondering how I could leave my baby and let it get taken so harshly. I also thought I was leaving something as precious as my daughter. The images of everything are still burned in my head.

I will be fine with time and am very much pro-choice I just wish I could have been more mentally prepared, knowing some of the pain or scarier side than just the positive... it would have helped me. Support is key in this situation. It is not as easy as I thought it would be, but still I believe the best choice for me. Good luck, ladies.