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I had an abortion many years ago and the hardest thing about it was the wait to have it, knowing that I was pregnant and feeling pregnant all the time. Time becomes simply waiting to not be pregnant. I have absolutely no regrets and do not feel bad about it on any level. I don't think guilt or regret is appropriate in the case of abortion as it is an action that reclaims our own bodies, our own lives and hopefully teaches us to be more cautious and honor our bodies all the more. I do not believe we can kill souls or that each baby is just aching to born on this planet. There is extreme over population to begin with and I think wanting babies of our very own is true narcissism when the real fight should be to make adoption and fostering children less difficult for those of us not wealthy. Creation happens all the time and the point is to be careful (I was not careful when I got pregnant---now I am ALWAYS careful) and to create with purpose as much as possible.