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I was a freshman in my second semester away at college and found out that I was pregnant by my ex-boyfriend. I had always been a "good" girl and was terrified to tell my parents and family, so I made an appointment at the student health center to confirm the pregnancy and get some advice. After giving me the positive pregnancy test results, the doctor told me that he knew that this pregnancy was not in my plans and that he could help me "take care of it" if I wanted to. So without even taking time to really think, I said "okay."

Within the next day or so I was at a clinic having my abortion. It was the coldest experience I have ever had in my life. I remember never feeling so alone.

I came back to my dorm room, cried, prayed and basically went on with my life. However, my self esteem was shot. I drank more and began to use drugs. It was not until I met my future husband that I finally settled down. I now have three beautiful children and a wonderful life. I wish I could say that the pain from my abortion experience ended when I married and had kids, but unfortunately it did not. I continued to deal with depression, sexual issues with my husband and drinking until I eventually got counseling, but not until age 43!