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My Abortion Story.

I have been with my husband for three years. We found out I was pregnant on April 11, 2012. I found out I was five weeks. We were happy and scared at the same time. My instant thought is that we would keep it.

My husband is an recovered drug addict. When I we found out I was pregnant, he was still on drugs.

When we told his dad that I was pregnant, his dad forced us to get an abortion. I did the medical procedure. I didn't want to go through with it. Till this day i regret my decision. I wish i didn't get the abortion because every time i see a baby, i cry, and there is not one day where i don't think about it. My husband's dad just says "its not a baby" and my husband says stupid things like that too. I think that's his way of dealing with it. After i got the abortion, my husband has been on the right track. He got sober and hasn't used drugs in a long time. And he has two jobs. Thats why i know we made a mistake. We could have taken care of our baby, the thing is it's like he didn't want to try. He thinks i can just forget about what happened, but it's not that easy. You can't just forget about something like that. The men don't physically go through an abortion, the women do. And they don't realize the pain and emotions the women go through. And the men will never know because the men sometimes never want to listen. I still regret my decision.