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I am 16, and I have slept with one person, my boyfriend that I've been with over a year. I can't take the pill because it gives me headaches. We used condoms, but as people say, things happen. There is no way I could keep the baby; I didn't want my life to be ruined, I'm at college and have a bright future ahead of me. I was 12 weeks pregnant when I had the abortion. I didn't find out until quite late, about 8 weeks, because my periods are irregular. I had the medical abortion. I was so scared and I am sharing this with people who are about to have an abortion: you are not doing a wrong thing and there is nothing to be scared of. The hospital took care of me and I was fine. I had to have two tablets up my vagina and then I went to the toilet and it just happened really. Although it hurt (like strong period pain cramps in your sides), it was over within about half an hour, but then you have to stay quite a while after. Although I was very quick, normally you'd have to have more tablets up your vagina every couple of hours. The nurses we're brilliant to me, and if you are considering an abortion, I wouldn't hesitate. I didn't see anything, and it was cleared away very quickly. My mum never found out because it was all confidential. Having an abortion really lifted the weight off my shoulders, and I wish I never had to have it and got in the situation.