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I had on abortion. I was dating a man that my parents did not care for. After finding out I was pregnant, I lost it. Tears for days. and days...and more days. I was in nursing school and had no room for this type of situation. I remember everything up to the procedure. Those weeks were the worst of my life. It made me really pick my soul apart. I had to get the courage deep down inside to even make a choice. But a year later, my parents were right about him. To this day I do not regret it. What kind of life could I raise if I wasn't even done growing up. Yeah, it sucks, bad. The worst fear I ever had happened... and I survived through it. I'm stronger, wiser, and healed now. None of you ladies are alone. Shit happens... do not blame yourself just because it's YOUR body. He had a part it in too. Takes two to tango, but it takes ONE strong ass woman to make a life changing decision. You weren't wrong. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and move on. IT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! <3