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I wanted to tell my story because this website stated that if wanted to know about diverse experiences. I am a woman who had three abortions in my 20s. I was a child of the sixties and young woman of the seventies and at that time believed in sexual freedom and choices.

In my early 20s I met a person that I loved and believed he loved me but already had two children and told me he did not want any more. When I told him I was pregnant he was very supportive in my decision but was very detached would not take any responsibility for his part in the pregnancy, would not share his feelings about it and said it was up to me. I now realize what a coward he really was.

When I had the first abortion, I did not realize how bad of a self-esteem problem I had and how having an abortion would affect me. Well, it was bad and I went through a lot of emotional upheaval but the experience got me a lot of "attention" and sympathy from people I wanted: two girlfriends and my boyfriend. Because of my emotional issues that I now understand that was from my childhood, I became pregnant by this person two other times and aborted. The relationship ended, of course, and I was left with a lot of baggage.

I later got married but then found out that I was sterile due to all the scar tissue from the abortions. This was a new devastation that I had to deal with and it has taken a lot of resolution to come to this level of peace and acceptance I now experience. That peace, forgiveness, and love I gained for myself. I found in my faith in God and His love and unlimited grace.

Knowing what I know now, the abortions were NOT worth it, for whatever reasons I believed in my own mind. I was living in the moment and not for the future.