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It was my freshman year in college, and I was 18. I had been dating this boy for several months. He was the type of guy all of my friends and family hated. I had dated him for two months before moving into my dorm. I decided after about a month of being in college that the relationship was not going anywhere and I needed to get out.

The relationship was very rocky-- it definitely had its ups and downs. He was very controlling about what I did and who I hung out with, until one day I had had enough. I believe I told him that it was over and that I couldn't take the way he treated me. He responded the way I had assumed he was going to react. He reacted with rage and violence, and he threatened me. He called me about 20 times after I broke up with him, telling me he was going to do this and he was going to do that. So, in fear of my safety, I got a restraining order put out against him and he was never allowed on the campus of the college that I was attending.

About two weeks after getting the restraining order against him, my roommate looked at me and said, "You look pregnant." I said no, but she made me go and take a pregnancy test. Well, I did, and turns out I was two and a half months pregnant. I didn't know what to do so I hid it from my parents for about two weeks until you could really tell I was pregnant. When I finally told them they said that they had a feeling but didn't want to say anything to me.

So we talked, and in light of everything that was going on, we made a appointment at the abortion clinic in Roanoke, VA. I had my abortion three days before Halloween in 2008. I was 18. It was a really sad day for me and still is to this day. I don't think I have completely healed. So, in the end, we went to court and all he had to do was pay a fine.

Well, if my story has taught you anything, I hope it is, "Watch who you are with."