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I was 16 years old when I became pregnant by my boyfriend. My parents married prior to having children and raised me to believe that the cart does not come before the horse. Meaning, a person should complete primary and secondary school, get married and then begin a family. My parents are separated but they raised their children as if they were living in the same household. My mother's tactic to keeping me abstinent was to threaten to hurt me and the boy. My father never had to say a word. I just knew he would be disappointed that his baby girl was ruining her life.

My boyfriend at the time did not believe in abortion. I told him from the door, I am having an abortion, and fast. I was not going to ever explain to my father that I was pregnant, and I still have not told him. I wasn't going to break the news to my mother who threatened to beat it out of me and him.

My grandmother whom I lived with was so wise, loving, and understanding. She always allowed us to talk to her about anything. Where did she get my mom? (Smile). She knew without me telling her that I was pregnant, which I denied, because I did not want it to be true. I kept it a secret and swore those that knew to secrecy or death. My health insurance would have paid for it, but the summary reports came to my dad. I got money from a friend of the family. My boyfriend and I fell out, and he refused to speak to me and definitely was not going to pay for the procedure.

I schedule my abortion. It was a two-day procedure. I was absolutely terrified. My cousin went with me as my support. What would I have done without her? Afterwards I felt relieved to not be pregnant, not have to face my parents, and to have the opportunity to continue my childhood into adulthood without the regret of burdening my grandmother with another mouth to feed. She was already caring for me and my six siblings.