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I have two sons. I'm twenty years young and I've been very happy up until yesterday. I was about to receive an IUD but instead was told I was pregnant. I didn't know how to react; my youngest son is only three months old and he was so sick when he was born because I was overweight. It was the hardest thing to go through watching my son on the verge of death. I cried every day for a week straight and almost every second I was awake. Finding out that I'm expecting again killed me... what if I carry full term and my baby dies?? I wouldn't be able to cope with loosing a child. Plus, have already done damage to my poor unborn. I feel like it's selfish and cruel if I continue to carry this child. I need to tell someone that I'm not OK and terminating a child was NEVER an option and my family is 100% against it too. But I've made my mind, and I'm so sorry I am about to destroy you, my baby, I'm so dearly sorry. God, please forgive me.