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I had to become an adult before I was ready. I had a baby and was married and divorced by the time I graduated high school. I supported my daughter on my own and continued to work full-time and go to college full-time.

Before my daughter was two, I found out that I was pregnant by my boyfriend. I found this out the week before my appointment to get on birth control! I was devastated. I did not want to bring another child into this world because of my ignorance and bad decision making. My immediate response was to get an abortion.

I felt guilty for a few years about making this decision, but now I am okay with it. I was not in an emotional or financial situation to parent that child, and I think there are way too many children in the adoption system that have horror stories. I was not going to destroy another person's life because of my bad choices.

I now am married and have had a second child while still working, and I am graduating with a degree in social work this year. I used to keep it a secret that I had an abortion, and my brother was the only one in my family that knew I had one, but now I am okay with telling some people about it. I have had several friends that have dealt with making this decision, and I think it always helps to share stories!