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Ive been reading all the stories in this website and none of them are similar to mine. I'm not a teenager; I'm 29 years old. I have supportive parents who are financially stable and would have supported my decision to keep the baby. I don't have one of my fallopian tubes, which makes it more challenging for me to get pregnant in the first place... but I did.

I'm currently in medical school and my ex-boyfriend is too. I had been dating him for three months when I became pregnant, while in medical school. He had an ex-girlfriend back home who he was still emotionally connected with. When he found out... of course he freaked. How stupid can we be when we are both in med school? Well, he was moving away in two months back home and told me he would not be present in my life. He didn't want to present in the child's life, but would if forced to. I was scared that I would have to give up my career to have this child. How could I be in med school, studying for extremely hard classes, with a child? School demands 24 hours a day of me. I don't even have time to feed myself sometimes. And I knew he would try to go back to his ex... and I don't know if I could handle being a single parent and seeing him with another girl, and having to share my child with another girl.

All these thoughts ran through my mind and I just got an abortion. Well, as I thought, he went back home and got back with his ex. I feel so guilty and regret my decision because I made it based on him, based on the fact he would not support me, so he can be with his ex. If I would have kept the baby, my parents could have helped me raise it, and I didn't need him. I was selfish, and I regret every single day. Who knows if I'll have another chance to have a child. It was a gift of life. I go to school to save lives. And yet I was selfish to care more about mine than an innocent baby's. So....hurtful.