I am 40 years old. I have never wanted to have children. I am a healthy, heterosexual woman. I have had two abortions.

I first became pregnant at 25. I found out just after I had left my (alcoholic) partner of 4 years and quit my job to return to college to finish my Bachelor's degree. Which I did. My decision to have an abortion at that point in my life was neither difficult nor agonizing. When I became sexually active, and thereafter, I thoroughly understood and fully considered the ramifications of sexual activity, my beliefs and the options available to me.

I have always used contraception. I became pregnant the second time when I was 36, again using contraception. Even so, my partner and I had discussed this possibility from the start and he was aware of my position regarding childbearing. Knowing that this man was the one I would probably spend the rest of my days with (we are still together), I carefully re-examined my feelings about, well, everything- my identity, relationship, motherhood, mortality, everything. Finding myself pregnant did not change them.

Again, my decision was neither difficult nor agonizing. I am perfectly, morally clear and at peace with the choices I have made. No nightmares, regrets, etc. The abortion providers I encounterd were kind, compassionate people-- far more so than the alleged Christians who abused me out front.