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I'm sixteen and a junior in high school. When I was fifteen, at the end of 9th grade, I got pregnant. I suspected it for a few weeks but was in terrible denial and had enough on my plate. A close older woman at the high school noticed I wasn't myself, and I shared with her what was going on. She then had me talk to a school counselor.

I told my boyfriend, and he was not very supportive at all, and I couldn't bear telling my parents. I know there is a sort of stereotype about a woman who has an abortion, and I don't believe anyone would ever expect that from me. I'm an athlete, popular, intelligent and really nice to everybody and everything. I love little kids.

With no other resources, I feel like I rushed to make the decision to end the pregnancy. When school ended, I had no other choice than to carry on with my appointment, or so I thought. Almost a year and I half later and I am in total agony. Depression, anxiety and guilt seems to be consuming my life. I'm still with the same guy and our relationship is terrible, however I feel I can't leave him because I'm not ready to let go of what happened. The counselor does not help me anymore, and I don't feel like I can talk to the other woman. I feel so alone, and I do not know where else I can turn to... Please give me some advice on how to cope.