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It happened only a few months ago, but it seems like yesterday. My husband (then fiancee) is the love of my life. We met at school last fall and instantly started dating. We became engaged three months after we started dating.

We talked about getting jobs and getting our own place after school ended. Eventually we ended up deciding to live at his parents' house. We were thinking one step at time. It never really occurred to us that we would have to plan out our entire lives right then. So we didn't.

Around the time I was to move into his parents' house, I found out that I was pregnant. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to be a mother so badly, but I was totally unprepared for it. Also, I thought I was too young and immature. When I told my fiancee he was happy, and we both told our parents. His parents and my parents wanted us to make a decision about what to do. His father started causing me stress so I decided to visit my oldest sister for awhile.

I just needed to run things through my mind, mainly whether or not I wanted to be a mother so early. When I arrived there, I told her that I wanted to keep the child. But I thought about it for a day and realized that I couldn't do it. Not out of fear, but out of knowing the facts. The facts were that I was nineteen years old, I never had a job, I wanted to finish school, and, worst of all, I wouldn't be able to give my child everything that it would've needed or wanted.

In my mind it was the right decision. Afterwards I felt relief and some sadness. The only reason I felt sad was because I terminated a pregnancy-- something that I had always wanted. But I stand firmly by my decision that it was the right thing to do. It was better that I didn't have to let my own child down along the road and so that I could get my life organized. Now I have a job, and was just promoted to manager. And I just recently got married. I will be returning to school next fall to get a nursing degree so that I can get a job at Planned Parenthood.