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My story started out well. I had known my boyfriend for years before we started dating and he was, and is, my best friend. We were trying to take things slow for a while, so going on birth control wasn’t necessary at the time. But we slipped up and had unprotected sex. It’s weird because I was planning on going on birth control the next month. Only problem was I never got my period. The missed period was my sign and we found out that I was pregnant very early in the pregnancy (it helped because I was able to book my appointment earlier in the pregnancy).

I went to a women’s clinic; they were so supportive and kind, it was surprising-- but it helped me get through the procedure a lot easier. The whole entire pregnancy I never told anyone about it, so it was really hard, especially hiding the morning sickness. I carried on with college and work, and tried to live as normal as possible. If I didn’t have my boyfriend’s support, I have no idea how I would have dealt with it.

Our decision to have the abortion was mutual; we want to spend our lives together, and having a baby without being financially ready didn’t seem right. The procedure didn’t hurt at all... I felt some cramping but a nurse talked to me the whole time and distracted me from any discomfort. It was all over in about 10 minutes. Going to a women’s clinic seems, to me, the best way to go through this procedure. The staff was very caring and didn't make me feel guilty for it.