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I do not remember a time when I wasn't pro-life. I didn't grow up in a very religious home, nor were things of this nature topics of discussion. But, I can remember very clearly articulating to a friend of mine in the 8th grade why I was pro-life.

Then, I became pregnant for the second time, still unmarried, still at a place where raising a child would be very difficult. The first time, I stood by my principles and kept her. Wonderful decision. This time was not so easy. I believed I was having a boy, I believe his name was Aidan. I was terrified of a life entwined in such an intimate way (raising a child) with a man I didn't truly respect. I was so sad at the prospect of my dreams being put aside, again, for another 3-4 years, maybe permanently.

I now understand why black and white, on either side of the issue, doesn't work.

The procedure itself was physically OK. I knew it could get bad... it did and it's over now. More importantly, it was very lonely. My boyfriend was with me, but how do you share an experience such as this?

Aidan means fiery. I think his spirit has somehow stayed with me. I've made decisions since then that have changed my life 180 degrees. Empowered me, excited me, and brought me incredible new direction. I believe one day, I won't be afraid to tell people.