Well my story is not horrible, but it's my story. I got pregnant at 18 and turned 19 when I was about five weeks in. I found out that I was four weeks when I realized I did not get my period, so I went to get a pregnancy test at a clinic and it read positive. By my 5th week I had gotten really comfortable, but as the week began to end I had gotten really sick. I kept getting fevers and cramps below the bottom of my stomach, which is a red flag for pregnant women because it could mean you could be having a miscarriage. So, I was told that I wasn't able to keep the child because I kept getting sick and getting worse.

I went to Planned Parenthood and took the pill. The biggest regret of my life! I was a day into my six weeks and I really wanted to keep the baby, but I did not have a choice as to whether or not I could keep it. It seriously breaks my heart to see girls younger than me who have their beautiful child, and I couldn't keep mine. I cry thinking about how empty I feel because I was so happy to have something I created taken away from me. I will never have a chance to see what she/he looks like, and it really hurts my heart. My fiance is very heart broken as well because he really wanted to meet the baby. But we never got the chance to. I know there has to be many people who have my story. I know I am not alone in this at all.